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Monthly report

A concrete help to understand the financial markets

The report, published in Italian language since 2012 with great success, has the dual purpose of taking the pulse of the financial markets (equities, bonds, currencies, commodities) and the state of the global economy.

It is a financial education tool designed for both financial professionals and private investors who want to learn more about market dynamics and improve the level of their analysis. The report consists of a pdf file with a hundred or so slides (downloadable and printable) and a video analysis of about two hours covering more than 60 financial instruments including equity, bonds, currencies, commodities. The cost is 61 euros (vat included).


The author, Andrea Forni, CFTe, is enrolled in the Register of Financial Advisors, has IFTA CFTe international certification as a technical analyst and won the prestigious SIAT Technical Analyst Award in 2010 with part of the methodology used to build this report. He therefore guarantees clients 'certified professionalism' and analysis of the highest level and reliability.

To get an idea of the analysis, watch the 16-minute video pill (Italian language) from the February 2023 report on our YouTube channel.


To purchase the report of the month, see the preview and get more information, go to the e-commerce platform which handles sales at the link: or by clicking on the picture below.

Per acquistare il report del mese, vedere la preview e avere maggiori informazioni, vada sulla piattaforma di e-commerce al link: o cliccando sulla figura qui sotto.


The report is processed using the analysis methodologies explained in the book"The Wheel of Financial Markets". It is therefore a financial education tool useful for the reader to see the practical application of what has been studied.

Published by Hoepli Publisherand available in format paper and Ebook.

The result of two years of work, the bookdescribes investment scenarios related to megatrends, those great social transformations that in the long run substantially change society, people's lives and the way in which the various economic actors produce and exchange goods and services.


Volume leadsan in-depth analysis of the various transformations taking place, identifying sectors that can make the most of these trends. The two authors present20 investment scenariosand analyse, from an economic-financial point of view,over 600 listed companies, ETFs and managed funds in order to build adequate thematic portfolios, suitable for all investors.

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