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Book "Investing in Megatrends"

investing in future megatrends

This book explains how to invest in the megatrends of the future with twenty investment scenarios packed with 600 stocks, ETFs, and managed funds!

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Click the cover for more info. Read a free-of-charge sample on (in Italian language)

Published by Hoepli Editore, it is available in both paper and Ebook format.


The result of two years of work, this book describes the investment scenarios related to megatrends, those great social transformations that in the long run substantially change society, people's lives and the way in which the various economic actors produce and exchange goods. and services.


The book carries out an in-depth analysis of the various transformations taking place, identifying the industrial sectors that can make the best use of these trends. The two authors present 20 investment scenarios and analyze, from an economic and financial point of view, over 600 listed companies, ETF, funds in order to build adequate thematic portfolios, suitable for all investors.

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Listen to Radio 24 interview with Andrea Forni about the book! ->

Book "Robots. the New Era"

robots. the new era

This book explains the robotic society of the future and the investment opportunities in robotics companies and startups!
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Published in 2015 by StreetLib in Italian and English, by China Machine Press in Chinese in 2016, and by BabelCube in Portuguese in 2018 it is available in hard copy and e-book format.

This book is an exciting journey to discover the next generation of robotics where we meet autonomous driving vehicles, humanoid robots, civilian and military drones, robot-surgeons and other wonders that are coming out of science fiction movies to get into real life. The perfect mix of information on the sector, curiosity, examples of application and financial analysis makes the book suitable for those who want to understand what is modern robotics, and those who want to enter the world of work with a profession in robotics, both to whom look for investment ideas outside the municipality.

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---> Listen to the Radio Uno Rai interview with Andrea Forni on books and robotics (with Minister Cingolani)

Book "Ruota dei Mercati"

the wheel of financial markets

This book explains how to successfully invest in complex market scenarios thanks to the methodologies and techniques used by its authors!
copertina libro ruota.png

Published by Hoepli Editore in June 2018, it is available in hard copy and Ebook format and is now one of both Amazon's Best Sellers and best sellers books.


The book is intended for private investors and finance professionals interested in understanding the dynamics of modern markets through the analysis of dozens of case studies.


The book provides a concrete answer to questions, doubts and uncertainties common to anyone who has faced investment in the stock market revealing the working methods of the authors, the tricks of the trade and good practices to "read" the complex dynamics of financial markets and explains how to build and manage securities portfolios.


Click the cover for more info. Read a free-of-charge sample on (in Italian language)

object-oriented. methods...

The first Italian book on object-oriented programming for artificial intelligence applications. (Out of print)
Book "Object-Oriented"
object oriented.jpg

Published in 1992 by Addison Wesley, the book was born from a university course held by the author at the age of 27 at some European universities on the programming of rules-based artificial intelligence systems.


It was the first Italian text on the subject, available in the libraries of the Italian scientific faculties being a best-seller of the time.


It provides a broad overview of Object-Oriented focusing on the innovative potential of this technology and on today's and future applications.

It defines costs and benefits from the user's point of view of the various end-user applications (user interfaces, databases, expert systems) as well as from the software developer's point of view (languages, Object-Oriented methodologies and CASE tools).

It makes a comparative comparison between the solution of the problems with traditional development tools and the solution with Object-Oriented tools.


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