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INVESTING IN megatrends

Please, visit our financial information website

Visit the new financial information website dedicated to investing in technological, demographic and environmental megatrends without neglecting financial market analysis, portfolio construction and book reviews on economics and finance. And a securities database freely available to users.


The website also complements the book 'Investing in the megatrends of the future' and extends its coverage with new topics and investment ideas.

Published by Hoepli Publisherand available in format paper and Ebook.

The result of two years of work, the book describes investment scenarios related to megatrends, those great social transformations that in the long run substantially change society, people's lives and the way in which the various economic actors produce and exchange goods and services.


Volume leadsan in-depth analysis of the various transformations taking place, identifying sectors that can make the most of these trends. The two authors present20 investment scenariosand analyse, from an economic-financial point of view,over 600 listed companies, ETFs and managed funds in order to build adequate thematic portfolios, suitable for all investors.

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