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Independent analyst and trader seizing opportunitieshidden in thematic scenarios


"Investing in the Megatrends of the future", 2020, the first Italian book about investment opportunities in megatrends

"The Wheel of Financial Markets", 2018, explains our financial market analysis  methodologies with dozens of real-life examples

"Robots. The New Era", 2016, the first book worldwide about investment opportunities in robotics & AI (chinese, english, italian, portuguese)

"Object Oriented: Methods, Tools and Applications", 1992, the first Italian book about the Object-Oriented programming paradigm

copertina libro Investire nei Megatrend
copertina libro Ruota dei Mercati
Our books
Our Services

Upon request, we create trading and investment scenarios and portfolios on technological, environmental and demographic trends


Our methodologies help traders to operate "like robots" following the signals, not the emotions


The books transmit knowledge to the public and open new horizons

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