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technical Analysis

Analysis services for consultants and individuals


  • On-demand analysis of financial instruments for financial advisors and banking institutions.

  • "Daily Trading Thoughts" is a financial education service providing daily technical analysis and trading via a daily newsletter. This service is intended for private investors and it is available on subscription on


The proprietary 6Bolle analysis methodology shown in the figure allows for in-depth analysis of the financial asset and is the basis for the construction of a complete and comprehensive analysis report that facilitates the Client's decision-making process. The methodology is explained in detail in the book "La Ruota dei mercati finanziari".

Published by Hoepli Editore in June 2018, it is available in print and Ebook format and immediately entered the Amazon and Best Sellers ranking list.

The book is intended for private investors and finance professionals interested in understanding the dynamics of modern markets through the analysis of dozens of case studies.


The book contains dozens of examples from the markets, and 23 case studies including geopolitical events, Black Swans, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Robotics, Autonomous Cars...

Click the cover for info and purchases. UpAmazon.ityou can read an extensive free excerpt of the book.

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