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Helping you make investment decisions in demographic, technological and environmental scenarios

analysis of investment scenarios


On customer's orders, we analyze and build scenarios on technological, demographic and environmental themes and megatrends, which show the ecosystem of companies that make them up and identify the best investment opportunities.

Source: Forni-Malandra, The Wheel of Financial Markets, Hoepli, 2018 
The Robotics Business Ecosystem Model

The complex ecosystem scenarios are  created with both our proprietary methodology and Mind Mapping techniques. Each scenario maps four complementary aspects at a sectorial, technological and economic level in order to identify pros and cons, risk factors and an investable portfolio of both listed companies and startups

A discussion of the methodology is available in this article (in Italian) while the mind maps are discussed in this article (in Italian) on our thematic site 

suggested readings


Two books that are the result of the practical use of our ERDI Methodology. They explain the evolution of modern society thanks to advanced technologies. To be read as novels, they are the result of two years of work each one.


Andrea Forni's book dedicated to investment opportunities in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Dozens of examples of application scenarios of robots to the most diverse economic sectors. Analysis of over a hundred stocks of robotics companies. A bestseller published in Italian, English, Chinese and Portuguese in paper format and in eBook.


The new book by Andrea Forni and Massimiliano Malandra dedicated to the investment scenarios of the future. A novel of the world declined in three megatrends, twenty scenarios, 600 stocks and ETFs and managed funds. 


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