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Thematic portfolios for consultants and individuals


  • Development of portfolios on demand and according to network specifications and products for financial advisors and banking institutions

  • Sales to private investors of preconfigured portfolios on megatrend themes consisting of equities listed in Europe and the U.S.


SCEDI's proprietary development methodology allows the development of portfolios composed by components identified from megatrends and then analyzed in detail with economic, technical and foundamental analysis.


Each portfolio is composed by 10-12 components and it is sold to the client with a full twenty-page report that contains:

  • Scenario analysis with geopolitical, macroeconomic, and financial analysis of the current state of the markets and economy in which the portfolio is contextualized

  • Complete fact sheet for each component (stock, ETF, Fund) with graphical analysis, cyclical analysis, fundamental analysis of the company

  • Portfolio sheet with economic analysis, diversification analysis, past performance evaluation, future growth forecast, etc.

In the figure, an example of a Portfolio Summary created in February 2022 to fight inflation made up of around ten stocks. Note the robustness of the portfolio which has stocks with solid balance sheets and good dividend payers (snowflakes) and the one-year performances that beat inflation.

The images taken from portfolio processing with the analysis platform

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